Gower House, Windgates, Ireland

Gower House, Windgates, between Bray and Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland. 1976 - 84

Our family home, built on the side of Bray Head, a wild gorse covered rocky hill facing west towards the prevailing winds, at a vortex in the terrain where wind speeds reached 160km/hour. This afforded spectacular views onto the Kilruddery Estate of the Earl of Meath, onto the Little Sugarloaf Mountain and towards the Wicklow Hills. It presented extreme challenges, fortunately foreseen with the main entrance facing east tucked into the lee of the house. For our family of five children, all at school age, six bedrooms, in a 'split-level' section, four downstairs, three upstairs, from the main living level. A later office, eventually TV room, built into the hillside. 

Originally interiors were raw rough concrete clockwork painted white, pine ceilings, minimum finishes. Later external walls insulated and lined.  

John Menage's aerial perspective of the house as built is the only way to get an overall impression, difficult to photograph.