Millicent Hill House Ireland

Kilcroney, County Wicklow, Ireland. 1975-77

High up in a remote corner of the magnificent valley garden of Sir Basil Goulding, in County Wicklow, Ireland, the site is flanked on three sides by dense pine woods but, on the fourth side, it has spectacular views east to the sea. Designed for the son of Sir Basil, his wife and two young children. They had previously lived in Scotland in a rambling old farmhouse and had grown to like its pleasantly mysterious and unexpected qualities. When they decided to have their new house built, in Ireland, they wanted it to have something of the same atmosphere. One of the more unusual results of this brief to the architect was the inclusion of two stairways, one from the entrance hall and the other from the kitchen-family room. The living room and master bedroom are on the upper floor to take maximum advantage of the big view to the north-east. These rooms have high level windows on the south-west to capture the afternoon and evening sun. The main bedroom has a small terrace which can be used for breakfast on summer days. The children’s rooms are on the ground floor. Along with the dining room andkitchen.

Text from 'House and Garden' Magazine, London

Photos : Henk Snoek