Deerubbin Conferences

Deerubbin Architecture Conferences held on Milson Island, Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney : 2014 : 2016 ........

Presented by the Architecture Foundation Australia. 'Deerubbin' the Aboriginal name for the Hawkesbury River, meaning - 'deep and wide water'. Modelled unashamedly upon the Røros Conferences held in Norway, after a visit there in 2011 by Peter Stutchbury and Lindsay Johnston, the Deerubbin Conferences offer an alternative format to the big institutional conferences - 'good people and good architecture, all together'. Held on the beautiful island, speakers and participants stay together for a weekend. Guest speakers have included Australian Gold medallist and Queensland legend Gabriel Poole; Níall McLaughlin from Ireland, Ingerid Helsing Almaas, editor of the Norwegian Architecture Review; Lene Tranberg from Denmark; French architect Antoine Perrau from Réunion Island; Julie Stout of Mitchell and Stout from New Zealand; Sofie Willems and Joan Ruan Nielsen of Spektrum Arkitekter Denmark; local legends including, of course, Richard Leplastrier on Jørn Utzon; and Rachel Neeson, Kerry and Lindsay Clare .......... many others.

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